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Hot dip galvanizing

It is the most durable, safe and economical anti-corrosion protection for steel, while being environmentally friendly. A properly applied coating can protect steel for up to 100 years! Hot-dip galvanized construction is not only of high technical but also aesthetic value. More

Galvanic Zinc Plating

Galvanic zinc plating is an electrochemical process of applying a zinc coating to a metal surface to protect against corrosion. This economical and effective method provides durable protection against the effects of weather and other environmental factors, also enhancing the aesthetics of metal components. More


High-temperature zinc plating with centrifugation is currently the best and most effective method for corrosion protection. Resistant to mechanical damage, protect the material exposed to high loads. Melting to a temperature of 600 degrees causes the zinc to spread perfectly on the details. More

Road barriers

The main purpose of using road barrier systems is to protect the health and lives of road users and to ensure the safety of people and structures around the road. We offer safety barriers complying with the requirements of the EN 1317 standard and bearing the CE mark. More