Environmental protection

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We care about environment

FAM S.A. is a dynamically developing company, which does not forget about our common good – which is the natural environment.

We use proven solutions from international companies to prevent pollution from entering the environment.

We are carrying out numerous investments aimed not only at improving the production process, but above all at reducing emissions and waste production.

We have introduced solutions such as heat recovery from the galvanizing furnace, which is used at other stages of the process.  In this way, we reduce our energy intake from non-renewable sources. With a view not only to the environment in general, but also to the comfort of local residents, all production facilities underwent modernization of the ventilation system. They are now fitted with automatically controlled filtering systems to prevent unwanted substances from entering the air.

A tight internal control system and continuous improvement in all aspects of technology prevents excessive production waste. Companies with the relevant permits collect waste from us, which is subject to rigorous selection and recovery of raw materials. Each of our plants operates on the basis of integrated permits issued by the locally competent Regional Marshal.