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Road barriers

FAM S.A. specializes in comprehensive realisations concerning supplies, deliveries with assembly and realisation of individual solutions. The company is a manufacturer of road barriers. The production of protective barriers was launched in Opole in the second quarter of 2010. At the end of 2017, as a result of the purchase of the production plant in Opole from Mostostal Zabrze, FAM S.A. continued to manufacture safety barrier systems. The production process carried out by experienced employees on a modern and highly efficient technological line and the use of raw materials of a guaranteed high standard ensure the highest quality of the product and its full compliance with technical documentation. Constant changes in relation to the requirements for traffic safety devices for road infrastructure mean that the range of products offered by FAM S.A. is constantly expanding through successive research and implementation of new solutions.

We offer safety barriers complying with the requirements of the EN 1317 standard and bearing the CE mark.

We also offer consultancy on the design and analysis of existing road projects to adapt them to current regulations in accordance with EN 1317, Regulation No. 305/2011 (CPR) and guidelines for the use of guardrails (GDDKiA, ZDW) and other applicable documents.

Services provided by FAM S.A. are performed quickly, reliably and in accordance with the requirements and procedures of the recipient. We invite you to contact us and submit requests for quotation, ensuring individual consideration of each topic and efficient execution of orders.

What are road safety barriers used for?

Safety barriers are used primarily to protect the health and lives of road users. They are also important for the safety of people and buildings in the vicinity. Road safety barriers may only be used if their absence would have a worse safety effect than if they were used.

They are used in places where passing a vehicle off the edge or lane poses a significant risk to the safety of traffic users. Road barriers can be placed on overpasses, embankments and wherever there are buildings or features such as poles close to the roadway. A collision with them could prove extremely dangerous.

Road safety barriers must guide the vehicle onto a traffic lane that will endanger other drivers as little as possible. Properly constructed guardrails shall not cause the vehicle to spring back. Furthermore, the effects of a collision with a road barrier should be as small as possible and cause only minor damage. The driver must be in control of the vehicle as far as possible.

How are protective barriers selected?

Types of safety barriers include road barriers and bridge barriers. EN 1317 does not indicate the specific shapes, dimensions or materials of which they should be made. However, it defines classes of action which depend on speed, vehicle weight and angle of leaning against the barrier. The standard classifies road safety barriers on the basis of functional characteristics such as level of containment, deformation expressed by the working width and level of incident intensity.

The standard does not indicate which safety barriers should be placed on specific roads. The choice of the class of action must correspond to the type of road, the location, the geometry, the volume of traffic, as well as the obstacles both on and near the roadway.

With us you will find safety barrier systems that comply with current guidelines. We offer single and double-sided road barriers with containment levels N1 ÷ H2 and bridge barriers with containment levels H1 ÷ H2. 

Our offer

  • road barrier systems according to the new guidelines for the use of barriers
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